\ The Extraordinary Leader

Good leaders often go unchallenged to rise to the level of greatness required to positively impact the organization. The research is clear; great leaders are not defined by the absence of weakness, but rather they possess a handful of profound strengths. Help your leaders build their signature strengths in ways that will positively impact your organization.


Senior leaders occasionally need guidance to navigate specific leadership challenges. These challenges can be highly visible, such as leading a comprehensive culture shift initiative, or as individual as personal development. Our executive coaches leverage the extensive senior-level experience and proven processes to help leaders expand awareness, discover superior solutions, and make and implement better decisions.

\ Leadership Levers

Success in simplifying leadership development efforts hinges on integrating leadership concepts that can be shared by all levels of the organization. Focusing development on the capabilities that are most impactful and predictive of business outcomes is key. Our research has identified six capabilities that will make the biggest difference for your people and your organization.


In repeat Zenger Folkman studies, direct reports overwhelming name one trait that would have the greatest impact on organizational performance if it were executed well by their leaders: the ability to inspire and motivate. Yet, when leaders’ traits are scored, ‘inspiring and motivating’ is consistently the lowest on the list. The good news is that the behaviors that make a leader inspiring and motivating can be studied and practiced, resulting in newfound heights for performance.

\ bold leadership

Today’s organizations need leaders who are willing to push boundaries, take risks, and think in unconventional ways. These bold leaders have a strong, immediate, and positive impact on organizational outcomes. Bold leadership is not luck of the draw. Lean on our research to help your leaders develop this trait into a strength.

\ Leadership Speed

Business is moving faster. Organizations need leaders at all levels to know how to pick up the pace in ways that benefit the business. The demand for quantity continues to rise and so does the pressure for quality. Your leaders need a new approach to improve their ability to both increase pace and preserve quality—simply moving faster won’t make them more effective.