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New Insights to Become an Extraordinary Leader – Part 2

Insights to help you become an extraordinary leader

Published: March, 2020

Being a great leader can be defined by selecting the top 5 or 10 percent from any distribution, but this is artificial. It was done for the sake of ease and objectivity in our research. However, great leadership should ultimately be defined against a standard rather than merely comparing people against each other. There is no reason why half the leaders in an organization could not be great if they were developed properly—such as using a 360-degree assessment. Better still, why not all? Great leadership is not a competitive activity in which one person’s success detracts from another’s success.

The research is clear: all leaders can do a great deal of work on their own development. Do not rely on the organization to make you an even better leader. There are powerful steps you can take to move you down the path to becoming an extraordinary leader. Part two of our new eBook has 13 suggestions from The New Extraordinary Leader to enhance your own leadership abilities.

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