Using over 1.5 million assessments from leaders worldwide, renowned psychometrician Dr. Joseph Folkman and leadership legend Dr. Jack Zenger are here to settle the debates and let the data speak for itself. Each week they analyze different leadership traits, trends, and what it really takes to get to the 90th percentile. These short episodes feature compelling stories, research, and actions that leaders can take to improve.

Episode 29: The Best Problem Solvers Are Solution Sellers

The 90th Percentile: An Unconventional Leadership Podcast

Published: April, 2021

Solving a complex problem is an exciting experience, but what happens when people don’t accept your solution? It’s true that one big hurdle with problem-solving is knowing how to sell the solution and get others on board. In this episode, we are analyzing the strengths of the best problem solvers and solution sellers. Register for the webinar: Faster, Smarter, and Better Ways to Analyze and Solve Problems.

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Article: How Problem Solvers Can Learn To Sell
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