\ The Extraordinary Coach™

As effective coaching is fast becoming a required skill, organizations are faced with the challenge of standardizing the experience for employees across the organization. The Extraordinary Coach is a skill-building program focused on a proven, highly effective and memorable conversation framework. Participants learn the skills they need to engage in conversations that create an atmosphere of growth, continuous improvement, and increased employee engagement and productivity.


Executive coaches are being employed by organizations more than ever before. One-on-one coaching has been shown to substantially increase overall employee engagement and maintain key talent. HR practitioners are often asked to provide these services within organizations. It’s hard to be extraordinary at something that might not be your only responsibility. But adequate or average coaches do not make the high impact organizations need—extraordinary coaches make the difference. Help those who coach build their strengths in ways that will positively impact your organization.

\ elevating feedback

Changes in performance management practices and an increased demand for learning and growth cultures are motivating organizations to focus on feedback more than ever. By socializing our simple, flexible, proven conversation framework, organizations can ensure uniformity and effectiveness across the organization.


In our current ever-changing environment, employees are looking to their leaders to provide support and stability for how to navigate these unprecedented times. As employers and organizations restore and relaunch their businesses with new processes and modified success measures, leaders must be able to effectively address the concerns and questions employees have.