Organizational leaders recognize the value of providing elevating feedback. Research shows that employees want to receive feedback. So, why is it the most avoided managerial behavior? Simply put, leaders lack the courage and skills to provide effective feedback to their colleagues.

Elevating Feedback is a half-day workshop that gives employees at all levels of the organization the skills to improve the feedback experience. Prior to the workshop, participants will take the Feedback Preferences Survey, designed to capture their propensity within several feedback dimensions.

elevate others with feedback

Elevate Others With Feedback

Leaders who know how to give effective feedback elevate their colleague’s performance and engagement—and their own.

FUEL Model

FUEL Model

Effective feedback conversations improve the performance and engagement of others. The FUEL model makes this simple by using a proven conversation framework.

Feedback Preferences Assessment

This assessment measures your behavioral tendencies on several dimensions for giving and receiving feedback.

Reinforcing and Redirecting Feedback

Reinforcing and Redirecting Feedback

Learn the best practices for providing meaningful reinforcing and redirecting feedback.

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Feedback: The Powerful Paradox
How to make feedback a gift

by Dr. Jack Zenger and Dr. Joe Folkman

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