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Meaningful data plays a central role in everything we do. Our development programs provide individuals personalized data and the knowledge and tools they need to use their data successfully. Through comprehensive 360-degree feedback and self-assessment insights, your leaders will be empowered with the meaningful, personalized experience they need to thrive, and your organization will develop the leaders it needs to succeed.

360-degree Feedback Experiences

Leadership Development

Whether you are focused on the needs of executives, senior leaders, middle managers, or high potentials, our development programs deliver relevant individualized development experiences with the power to positively impact your leaders and your organization. NON-PROFITS: Please contact us for information on how we support non-profit organizations.

Leadership Microlearning Series

Zenger Folkman provides microlearning experiences to allow organizations and their leaders to develop key behaviors demonstrated by highly effective leaders. The experiences offered by Zenger Folkman leverage the same research, leadership framework, and strengths-based development methodology as The Extraordinary Leader development experience. They focus on leadership capabilities that are critical—as the way we work is constantly being redefined. Experiences may be customized to the audience and include a planning conversation with the facilitator.

Essential Leadership Experiences

Individual Development

Extraordinary performance at all levels is a requirement for today’s organizations. Future leadership strength often lies in a well-developed talent pool. Bringing development programs to front-line and mid-level contributors earlier in their careers is a recognized need; the real challenge is finding meaningful, practical development that makes a difference. We can help.

Coaching and Feedback

Your organization’s performance management practices are changing. More and more managers are expected to be skilled coaches helping their employees reach their full potential. Feedback conversations are taking center stage; your employees not only want these conversations, but they need them in order to do their best work. Our development programs offer insights and skill-building that will grow your leaders into the highly effective coaches they need to be now and in the future.

Custom Solutions

Let our research become your solutions. Whether you are looking for a partner to help create a leadership competency model for your organization or need expert help to build a reliable, valid assessment to measure an existing model, we offer the secure foundation of empirical research. Our expertise in combining statistical analysis with actionable application is the answer your organization is looking for, and we can’t wait to partner with you on solutions that will make an impact.

Talent Management Offerings

We know extraordinary. You know your talent. Together we create extraordinary talent management. Our practical, research-based approach extends into our Talent Management supporting tools. Let us help you with content to integrate the leadership competencies that define extraordinary performance into your organization’s talent management practices.