Teams that want to generate extraordinary results understand their level of effectiveness is the real-world impact on the organization. The Extraordinary Team experience offers a proven framework built on researched characteristics that differentiate great teams, a process for building team strengths, and action planning to create successful change through shared goals and clear accountability.

What’s Included:


Insights from our global leadership database, along with real-world application, will help you maximize your technology investments and enhance proven tools to elevate the leadership experience.

Team Assessment

Our team assessment collects 360-degree data from team members, the team leader, the next level manager, and other stakeholders to show teams where they’ve been, how they’re doing, and where they’re going.


Personalized surveys to help leaders check their progress, stay on track, and spot problem areas early so they can make critical pivots and ensure they’re spending their time efficiently.

Ordinary Team to Extraordinary Team

Ordinary Team to Extraordinary Team

Teams are more effective when they understand how others perceive and experience them as leaders and how their team dynamics impact organizational effectiveness. Identifying the current level of team member commitment and individual and team strengths will highlight the critical opportunities for improvement.

Building Team Strengths

Building Team Strengths

Good is not great—and your organization needs great teams. The Extraordinary Team experience introduces the process of building team strengths through the use of feedback and determining the key capabilities to strengthen that would increase the efficiency and impact of the team.

The Extraordinary Team 360-degree Assessment

Often 360-degree feedback assessments are associated only with individuals. The Extraordinary Team Assessment is 360-degree data collected from team members, the team leader, the next level manager, and other stakeholders. Participants receive a feedback report for their team and learn to analyze and interpret the results.

Team Development Plans

Team Development Plans

The Extraordinary Team development plan process leverages strengths and helps clarify the team’s readiness to improve. Aligning team members’ developmental goals and assisting team members to create and share specific action-oriented goals will enable the entire team to execute their strategy and deliver expected results.

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