When it comes to driving team success, our research proves that some capabilities are more important than others. Our research identified the key capabilities that differentiate extraordinary teams. The Extraordinary Team experience offers your leaders the hard data they need to point their team in the right direction. This includes their group’s overall effectiveness, strengths and weaknesses and the current level of member commitment. It also highlights the most impactful opportunities in which the team might excel.


For Team Leader

The Extraordinary Team experience helps your leaders pinpoint how others perceive and experience their team’s impact and informs a development path that will elevate team performance.


The Extraordinary Team 360-Degree Assessment collects feedback from the team leader, the next-level manager, all team members, and other stakeholders. The assessment is based on differentiating capabilities—those capabilities that make the most difference according to in-depth research. Results are compared to the most effective teams in our global database—not to an average.

Path to Extraordinary

Team leaders work with an executive coach to understand the collective effectiveness of their group. The guided debrief includes a deep dive into the team data; discovering the key capabilities to strengthen, diagnosing problem areas, and creating a strategic path forward to increase the team’s overall impact on the organization.

Ordinary Team to Extraordinary Team

Formats Available

The needs of a team are complex and vary from team to team. The Extraordinary Team leverages the insights from the assessment to inform a customized consulting engagement that addresses the area/s most critical to increase effectiveness. This may include one-on-one coaching sessions with the team leader and/or a group development experience.

Building Team Strengths

World-Class Guidance

Our global cadre of accomplished coaches, facilitators, and implementation specialists are at your fingertips. We offer the flexibility, knowledge and experience to support your unique requirements.

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