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Asking, Not Telling: The New Feedback Formula for Success

Often burdened with negative connotations and perceived as a one-way street, feedback has been misunderstood and underutilized in cultivating leadership and organizational growth.

Leaders now have the opportunity to serve as exemplars in both seeking and providing feedback, thus creating an environment where feedback flows freely in all directions. By focusing on developing strengths, feedback transcends its negative baggage and becomes a constructive force that puts individuals in the driver’s seat of their growth trajectory.

Participants will walk away with actionable insights and strategies designed to transform their approach to feedback. The session is structured around three key learning objectives:

  1. Master the Art of Seeking Feedback: Learn why the most successful leaders don’t wait for feedback—they actively pursue it. We’ll dissect the art of asking the right questions and timing your inquiries.
  2. Revolutionize Company Culture with Feedback: Discover how to pivot from a top-down feedback flow to a bidirectional culture of growth.
  3. Develop a Feedback-Receptive Environment: Recognize and overcome barriers to seeking and receiving feedback. We’ll explore strategies to challenge your feedback preferences and create an open, supportive atmosphere that encourages continuous improvement.

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