A Proven Approach


Leaders experience our world-class 360 feedback assessment with globally validated questions and high benchmark comparisons on verified leadership behaviors that are indispensable to your organization.


Based on our extensive research, these 19 leadership competencies are those that differentiate extraordinary leaders (those in the 90th percentile) from their peers. Leaders receive feedback regarding their effectiveness from colleagues, manager(s), and direct reports.


Our ground-breaking leadership research has proven that great leaders are defined by having a few profound strengths rather than an absence of weaknesses. The goal of our 360-degree assessment is to assist leaders in identifying and developing strengths. Leaders focus on strengths in support of organizational value, strategy, and objectives.

360 Feedback Report Features

Strengths based leadership response scale

Unique Scale

Most 360-degree assessments use an agree – disagree scale which gives a positive skew. We developed an alternative scale to reduce the positive skew and provide more insight for leaders about their strengths and fatal flaws.

leadership competency scores

Global Norms

Zenger Folkman’s research reveals an enormous difference in results delivered by leaders who are perceived as just good, compared to leaders who are extraordinary. Our 360 feedback reports compare leaders to a high standard– the 75th and 90th percentile of global leaders in our extensive database of over 1.5 million 360-degree assessments.

Employee Commitment Index

Employee Engagement

The employee engagement and commitment index measures the extent to which a leader’s Direct Reports are satisfied and motivated to do their jobs. Our research shows a direct connection between leadership effectiveness and employee commitment.

Simple, Trusted Process

Leaders can securely and confidentially complete their 360-degree assessment process on our easy-to-use participant portal. A modern and intuitive user experience combine to simplify our online touchpoints.

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