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We partner with you to create assessment tools that accurately measure your employees’ proficiency in competency behaviors. Our custom assessment tools are created with statistically validated questions and relevant comparative benchmarks, offering employees clear development paths to address behavioral gaps.


Our Research
Your Model

We work with you to develop customized assessments that utilize our global database of validated items and normative data to accurately measure the extent to which employees demonstrate the actionable behaviors related to your unique leadership competencies.

Research-Based Process

We leverage our empirically derived approach to support your unique assessment requirements. We offer expert guidance to create an assessment tool that is not only custom to your organization’s unique requirements, but also relevant and beneficial for your employees’ development needs.

Into Your Talent Pool

Your questions fuel our research. One of the unique benefits of partnering with us is the insight we can offer about your specific leadership talent pool. Need to know how well your leaders are performing on a specific competency? Such findings can help transform your organization.

Helping employees know what to change and how to change it is critical to aligning behaviors with expectations.

Develop Thriving Leaders

User-Friendly Assessment Platform

Easy to implement and simple to use for both participants and practitioners, our assessment platform boasts a comprehensive security management system that addresses all aspects of data privacy and security. Notwithstanding the ease of use, our experts are available to assist anytime it is needed.

World-Class Guidance

We offer the experience and expertise in organizational psychometrics needed to support your unique requirements.

Speak with one of our experts to explore the best solutions for your organization.