Leadership Skills 2024 Report

Zenger Folkman's annual report including our most important research from the past year.

Published: March 21, 2024

What’s in store for leaders in 2024? Zenger Folkman’s findings reveal the changing importance of certain leadership behaviors in response to global events and technological advancements, highlighting the impact even modest improvements can make. This year will push organizations to emphasize continuous learning and adaptability for leaders.

Chapter 1: Effective Coaches Utilize Coachability
Chapter 2: The Year of Managing and Championing Change
Chapter 3: The In-Office Edge
Chapter 4: The Heart of Unhappiness: Leadership’s Role

The future is not on the horizon; it is already here, embodied in leaders who are ready to guide their organizations through the evolving landscapes of change with confidence and empathy.

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Zenger Folkman_2024 Leadership Skills Report

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