Using an approach grounded in research as presented in the book, The Extraordinary Coach, our executive coaches have worked with the best leaders in the world. Together with one of our accomplished coaches, your senior leaders will craft and implement individual development goals that will greatly increase their contribution to the success of the organization.


Defined Engagement

Each coaching initiative is unique and based on the leader’s needs and desired outcomes. The selected coach will work with the leader and the organization to create a clearly defined process and recommended timeline for the coaching relationship.

Research-Based Process

A clear understanding of the leader they are coaching is a requirement for a successful executive coach. Our coaches have access to research-based 360-degree assessments, self-assessments, and stakeholder interview questions that can be leveraged with the leader throughout the engagement. Together, the leader and coach craft a dynamic, detailed development plan designed to be integrated into the leader’s everyday job experiences. And because leaders exist and perform within a system environment, the leader and coach also build a plan to proactively build support within the organization.

Monitoring and Measurement

Powerful reassessment tools are available to help leaders assess progress on their specific development goals, understand the impact their development progress is having on their organization, and gain insight into how others perceive their development effort. This is compelling information as leaders pursue their development goals.

Develop Thriving Leaders

Elite Assessment Tools

Our assessment tools have been designed to provide your leaders the data most critical to a successful development process. These include multi-rater assessments, self-evaluations, and follow-up instruments.

Developing Extraordinary

The research is clear; great leaders are not defined by the absence of weakness, but rather they possess a handful of profound strengths. However, strengths-based development only works when significant derailing flaws are not present. Our coaches support your leaders as they work through a simple, proven development process that addresses both consequential flaws and signature strengths in ways that will benefit the leader and the organization.

Personal Development Plan

World-Class Guidance

Our cadre of highly accomplished, executive-level coaches are at your fingertips. We have the expertise to support your leader’s goals and unique requirements. We understand the sensitive nature of these engagements. Our process and systems are built to ensure that confidentiality is protected, all while providing your leaders with world-class guidance and support.

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