Grounded in Research. Built on Strengths.

Transform simple development plans into a new, strengths-focused lifestyle that brings science to the art of leadership.



Globally validated, high benchmark comparisons, and a strengths focus are just a few of the key differentiators of The Extraordinary Leader 360-Degree Assessment.


Our focus is on a proven set of differentiating strengths. Leaders use these to create a lifestyle that empowers consistent personal growth and organizational success.


Organizations can customize an assessment and development experience that fits the needs of leaders and allows continued sustainment for individuals over time.


Good leaders often go unchallenged to rise to the level of greatness required to positively impact the organization. The research is clear; great leaders are not defined by the absence of weakness, but rather they possess a handful of profound strengths. Help your leaders build their signature strengths in ways that will positively impact your organization.

What are the benefits of extraordinary leadership?

Our customers have experienced up to:
70% increase in employee engagement
40% increase in customer satisfaction
50% less turnover
4.8x increase in profitability
3x the number of employees willing to go the extra mile

360° Assessment

Our best-in-class instrument offers empirically derived competencies and statistically validated questions. Individual results are compared to the 75th and 90th percentile scores of all global leaders. Such comparisons are highly relevant to both your organization and its leaders; leadership research shows that extraordinary organizational results are the product of leaders who operate in the 90th percentile of effectiveness.

World-Class Guidance

Our global cadre of accomplished coaches, facilitators, and implementation specialists are at your fingertips. We offer the flexibility, knowledge and experience to support your unique requirements. We can also certify members of your team to confidently present the program inside your organization.

Speak with one of our experts to explore the best solutions for your organization.

Continued Development

Extraordinary leadership skills are not gained in a one-day program, but rather through a process that lasts a participant’s career and can be incorporated into their lifestyle. We support all participants of our development experiences with sustainment tools that are grounded in research and bolster all development plans.

Formats Available

The Extraordinary Leader program is available in the following standard formats:

– 1-day, In-person Development Experience
– Two 90-minute One-on-One Coaching Sessions
– Two 3-hour Live Online Sessions

It would be our pleasure to work with you to create the format that will best suit your organization’s unique requirements.

Certifications Offered

The Extraordinary Leader 360 Assessment Certification
Offered live online or in-person, this certification provides experienced coaches with the process, tools, and framework to leverage The Extraordinary Leader 360-degree Assessment and Development Guide with those they coach.

The Extraordinary Leader Facilitator Certification
An intensive training process that provides skilled facilitators with the knowledge and tools to effectively deliver standard or customized versions of The Extraordinary Leader workshop in their organizations. (Live online or in-person options available.)

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The landmark guide that built a generation of extraordinary leaders– fully updated and revised.

In this new edition, the authors deliver proven lessons based on feedback from 120,000 leaders from all corners of the globe.


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