Passion for and interest in a development goal is key for an individual’s development success. By combining their personal passions with a clearer understanding of the organization’s needs, participants learn how to develop the Leadership Levers through a meaningful, personalized experience that will help them thrive and your organization succeed.



Six Critical Strengths

The six Leadership Levers are a small, highly predictive competency framework. Developing any one of the six Leadership Levers into a signature strength propels a leader’s effectiveness into the 72nd percentile of global leaders. Building significant strength across three of the capabilities catapults a leader into the 90th percentile for leadership effectiveness.


A unique component of the Leadership Levers: Building Critical Strengths experience is a self-assessment that identifies which Leadership Levers the participant finds most rewarding and energizing. Participants discover the connection between personal passions and competence.

Development Experience

Working with learning partners, participants synthesize various personal insights including a targeted organizational needs interview, to select a development focus and create a personal action plan.

Six Critical Capabilities


Research shows that personal passion and high competence are linked. Furthermore, for development to be successful, energy and passion for goals is critical. Our best-in-class Leadership Levers Preferences Assessment uses a forced choice format to help participants identify the levers for which they have the most interest; these will be the levers they strengthen with the most success.

CPO Model

World-Class Guidance

Our global cadre of accomplished facilitators and implementation specialists are at your fingertips. We offer the flexibility, knowledge and experience to support your unique requirements. We can also certify members of your team to confidently present the program inside your organization.

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Personal Development Plan

Formats Available

Leadership Levers: Building Critical Strengths is available in the following standard formats:

– 1-day, In-person Workshop
– Two 2.5-hour Live Online Sessions
– 2-hour Webinar/Speech

It would be our pleasure to work with you to create the format that will best suit your organization’s unique requirements.

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