The ability to inspire others is the behavior closest to a “silver bullet” our research can define. It is the best leading predictor of employee commitment and satisfaction and its impact on other organizational outcomes makes it the supreme leadership capability! In the Inspiring Leader program your leaders discover why it matters, what it impacts, and most importantly, what they can do now to be an inspiring leader.

What Skill Will Make You Stand Out as a Leader?



Leaders learn the six distinct approaches leveraged by highly effective inspiring leaders. The Inspirational Approaches Self-Assessment helps participants identify their personal preferences across these six approaches. They discover their preferred approach and how to couple it with other approaches to become a more inspiring leader.

Practical Application

Inspiring others is a leadership trait that evokes mystery. To break through the ambiguity, leaders apply their preferred and a less preferred inspirational approach to a difficult real-life scenario. The ability to master multiple approaches substantially increases a leader’s ability to inspire and motivate those they lead.

Individualized Development Experience

Leaders discover a personalized path to becoming an inspiring leader. They create a relevant development goal that is clear, simple, and supported by research.

Develop Thriving Leaders

Personal Preference Assessment

Our best-in-class Inspirational Approaches Self-Assessment uses a forced choice format to help participants identify their preferred and secondary inspirational approaches.

Personal Development Plan

World-Class Guidance

Our global cadre of accomplished facilitators and implementation specialists are at your fingertips. We offer the flexibility, knowledge and experience to support your unique requirements. We can also certify members of your team to confidently present the program inside your organization.

Formats Available

The Inspiring Leader is available in the following standard formats:

– 4-hour In-person Workshop
– 3.5-hour Live Online Workshop
– 1.5 – 2-hour Microlearning Session

It would be our pleasure to work with you to create the format that will best suit your organization’s unique requirements.

Speak with one of our experts to explore the best solutions for your organization.

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