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By collaborating with the client, Zenger Folkman partner Grupo P&A delivers a focused solution and creates new business opportunity.


Tecnatom works within an industry where safety risks are an inherent part of the business, so ensuring operational safety is a crucial focus at all levels of their organization. Grupo P&A, Zenger Folkman’s partner in Spain, wanted to help Tecnatom see how improving leadership effectiveness would not only drive improvement in organizational performance but also have a profound effect on improving safety within their culture. Rather than simply customizing a solution specifically for Tecnatom, Grupo P&A invited Tecnatom to co-partner in the development of a Zenger Folkman leadership program, specializing in safety.


Dr. Joe Folkman helped launch the initiative by sharing research linking leadership and safety. Tecnatom elected to move forward with the customized solution and The Extraordinary Leader for Safety was created. To support the implementation, Tecnatom certified six internal trainers in The Extraordinary Leader, The Extraordinary Performer, The Inspiring Leader, and The Extraordinary Coach—product components of the customized program. In addition, Grupo P&A partnered with Tecnatom to create additional research-based literature on leadership, culture, and safety for the energy and aviation industries and the Safety Culture Index was born. The resulting solution was a specialized senior-level executive program for industries where safety is critical for business success.


The interdependent relationship between Tecnatom and Grupo P&A fostered future opportunities. Both parties were significantly invested and interested in the success of the program. Tecnatom agreed to help promote, sell, and deliver this custom solution to similar clients with safety-oriented cultures.

The alliance is showcased at annual meetings of the Spanish Nuclear Society. Open workshops are being conducted with participants coming from many different industries. In addition to speeches and exhibits, Grupo P&A and Tecnatom plan collaborative sales calls, webinars, and public workshops highlighting The Extraordinary Leader for Safety. The result: a satisfied client fully engaged in the implementation of the program within their own organization and assisting in the marketing efforts of this uniquely successful program to other clients with similar needs.


  • Tecnatom is a global leader in advanced engineering services, with operations in over 30 countries
  • The organization employs more than 800 professionals, providing professional services to leading customers in various markets
  • Tecnatom works within various markets, including energy (nuclear and fossil-fuel), transportation, petrochemical, aeronautics, and aerospace


  • “Adding safety with almost no change of the rest of the model gives us a strong assurance that The Extraordinary Leader for Safety will achieve excellent results in both safety and economic performance. This is something especially important in a time of economic struggles which have a tendency to threaten safety.”
  • “I had to change my own deep-seated assumptions, and that was tough, but the science behind the program is convincing. As an engineer, I tend not to trust approaches that can´t be demonstrated quantitatively.”

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