RETAIN and TRAIN — 3 Data-Driven Approaches for Developing Others

Published: October 27, 2021

People want a career—not just a job—and the responsibility to develop others falls heavily upon the leaders’ shoulders. Sadly, this forgotten skill is frequently “tabled” for more pressing issues. But what is more pressing than a mass exodus from the workforce?

Retain your talent by teaching leaders how to effectively develop others with three data-driven approaches.
In this Zenger Folkman webinar, you will:

• Learn the effect that developing others can have your business outcomes
• Take an assessment to discover which of the three approaches is a good fit for your development style
• Discover the five researched behaviors linked to significantly improving development
• Receive our Zenger Folkman Guide for Developing Others

Improve the employee experience¬—they deserve your time and attention!

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