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Webinar—LEADERS UNDER PRESSURE: Essential Skills For A New Era
Date: August 26, 2020
Time: 11am PT, 12pm MT, 1pm CT, 2pm ET
Length: 50 min. (approx.)

Each week we hear from more leaders who are struggling with unparalleled levels of pressure related to organizational performance. At the same time, employees have developed heightened anxiety and concerns about their future. Not knowing what lies ahead is compounding the issues.

Zenger Folkman is known for researching the leadership competencies that differentiate the world’s most highly effective leaders from those who make only an average impact in their organizations. In 2017, 19 Differentiating Competencies rose to the top. The research is clear, when leaders focus on these 19 competencies, they will make an extraordinary impact for their organization.

Continued research utilizing data gathered during our current crisis is yielding insights that can help leaders (and organizations) navigate these unprecedented circumstances. Skillful execution of a few key leadership behaviors is critical.

Please join Dr. Joe Folkman and Dr. Jack Zenger for a new webinar, “LEADERS UNDER PRESSURE: Essential Skills For A New Era.” You’ll discover:

  • The few critical skills that mark the difference between leaders who are making a high impact in today’s environment versus those leaders who are simply getting by.
  • How being forced to work in different ways is impacting performance.
  • How the skills needed in this new era differ from those of the past.
  • An approach to equipping your leaders to meet current challenges.