The Extraordinary Leader Workshop

Toronto, June 19

The Extraordinary Leader™ Workshop

Date: June 19

The Extraordinary Coach Workshop

Toronto, June 20

The Extraordinary Coach™ Workshop

Date: June 20

Mass Producing Extraordinary Leaders

Boston, June 25

Breakfast and Leadership Forum with Dr. Jack Zenger

Date: June 25, 2019

June Webinar – Back to the Future of Feedback

Back to the Future of Feedback

Monthly Webinar Series  June 26, 2019

The Extraordinary Leader and Certification Workshops

Provo, UT, July 16-19

The Extraordinary Leader™ Workshop
The Extraordinary Leader Assessment Certification™ 
The Extraordinary Leader Facilitator Certification™  Workshop

Date: July 16-19th


Filling the Leadership Pipeline

Newport Beach, CA  July 17

Lunch and Leadership Forum with Dr. Jack Zenger

Date: July 17, 2019

Coaching and Certification Workshops

San Carlos, CA, September 17-19

The Extraordinary Coach™ Workshop
Elevating Feedback™ 
The Extraordinary Coach Facilitator Certification™  Workshop

Date: September 17-19th, 2019


2019 Leadership Summit — CONNECT

Sundance Resort, UT, November 4-6

Leadership Summit 2019 – November 4–6, 2019

Workshops and Certifications – November 4, 7–9, 2019