SUCCESSION PLANNING: Drop the HI-PO Hopes and Build a Solid Pipeline

Published: June 23, 2021

People are leaving the workforce at a surprising pace, and organizations are not prepared. The consequences of poor succession planning are serious and extremely costly. For many companies, their attempts at succession planning equate to creating a simple list of high-potential employees. This falls far short of the organizational efforts that should be in place to transform managers into highly effective leaders.

Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman describe how you will:

• Learn how invalid assumptions and complicated succession planning efforts are failing organizations and how you can simplify the process.
• Discover the ways strengths-based leadership development tools can build a healthy leadership pipeline through all levels of organizations, not just the top.
• Understand how 360 feedback can be an essential tool in helping organizations make more informed succession planning decisions.

Succession planning is all about ensuring that you’ve identified the right people and that you’re doing the right things to help them build their strengths.

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