Bold Leadership: A New Competency for the Future! (Encore)

Published: August 25, 2021

Emerging from the past year into today’s complex marketplace, leaders must be willing to push boundaries, take risks, think in unconventional ways, and be willing to challenge the status quo.

Imagine an organization where leaders are newly energized to take on challenging goals, create an atmosphere of continual improvement, do everything possible to achieve goals, quickly recognize situations where change is needed, and challenge standard approaches. Sound ideal?

Join Dr. Joe Folkman and Joyce Palevitz in this ENCORE Webinar as they share key insights for creating this type of workplace. Whether your organization is in a competitive battle or struggling with mandates to reduce costs and increase productivity, the right kind of leader makes a big difference.

You’ll learn:
• What our research says about this competency
• Why today’s leaders must be willing to step forward with new ideas and a bolder approach
• Why bold leaders must combine their bold approach with other key skills, and how to do that
• How your behavior contributes to a bolder leadership culture

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