Leadership Levers – A Powerfully Simply Model

A simple set of leadership behaviors that can make a big difference.

Published: June 7, 2019

Many companies are searching for a simple set of leadership behaviors that can also make a big difference. Zenger Folkman's analysis of over 1 million leadership assessments led to the discovery of the 6 most powerful leadership behaviors. Learn more about our Leadership Levers Workshop by visiting www.zengerfolkman.com/solutions/essential-leadership-experiences/leadership-levers/

Organizations often used competency models to create a common language for leadership. This accelerates efforts to discover and develop talent for maximum results. Yet, the most common challenge for these models they are too complex. If a model is difficult to understand it is more likely making little difference in your organizations and you can’t afford to spend resources on something that doesn’t make a difference.

What to do?

We dug into our database of over 1.5 million multi-rater assessments and discovered a powerful but simple leadership model. Six behaviors are so critical to a leader’s success that we named them the leadership levers.

Learn more about this product in the video.


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