Within many organizations, it’s helpful to have a qualified facilitator on hand to deliver development experiences on a regular basis, as well as answer any questions that may arise along the way.

The Experience

Facilitator candidates participate in a rigorous certification process led by Zenger Folkman Master Facilitators. This process ensures the quality and accuracy of the delivery of our development experiences. Because the content includes a variety of intertwined concepts, skills, and techniques, our facilitators require a unique blend of knowledge and tools.

During the candidate’s first delivery of the workshop, the Master Facilitator observes, coaches, and provides feedback, acting as a safety net that offers additional feedback and guidance for future sessions.


Candidates must:
• Be experienced facilitators currently working for a Zenger Folkman client
• Have facilitation experience with senior leader audiences
• Possess solid business acumen and ability to link program content to real-world applications

Delivery Options

• Live Online – content is broken into several micro sessions
• In-person – 2 days

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