In some client situations, our Extraordinary Leader development process is more effectively delivered in a one-on-one coaching setting. Zenger Folkman is well equipped to provide The Extraordinary Leader coaching service, however, many of our clients have skilled, professional coaches on staff capable of meeting these same needs. These coaches can be more effective when their methods have a thorough grounding in Zenger Folkman’s leadership research, survey instruments, participant materials, and strength-based approach to development.

The Experience

The Extraordinary Leader 360 Assessment Certification provides experienced coaches with a proven process, the necessary tools and skills, and the license to use The Extraordinary Leader 360-degree Assessment and Development Guide with those they coach.

Experienced Participant Coaches:
• Discover the purpose and structure of the 360-degree assessment
• Learn The Extraordinary Leader coaching concepts and a process for conducting impactful coaching conversations
• Are given guidelines and tips for analyzing, interpreting, and prioritizing diverse Extraordinary Leader feedback reports
• Participate in a coaching conversation simulation that provides opportunities to practice giving and receiving feedback
• Explore coaching questions, issues, and implementation options

Participants also learn to implement Zenger Folkman’s unique approach to development utilizing companion strength builders. Finally, they are introduced to the TruScore Coaches’ Portal and available support tools.


Candidates must:
• Be experienced coaches currently working for a Zenger Folkman client
• Have coaching experience with senior leader audiences
• Possess solid business acumen and ability to link program content to real-world applications

Delivery Options

• Live Online – 2, 3.5-hour sessions
• In-person – 1 day

To learn more about the 360 Assessment Certification process, schedule a call.

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