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Facilitator Certification

Take things further with Facilitator Certification.

facilitator certification business woman coachingWithin many organizations, it's helpful to have a trained facilitator on hand to deliver workshops on a regular basis, as well as answer any questions that may arise after the workshop. The Zenger Folkman Facilitator Certification Process is an intensive training and feedback process that provides skilled facilitators with the knowledge and tools to confidently deliver standard or customized versions of all of our programs within their client organizations.

Facilitator candidates participate in a rigorous certification process led by our Master Facilitators. This process ensures the quality and accuracy of the delivery of our programs. Because our programs feature a variety of intertwined concepts, skills and techniques, our facilitators need a unique blend of knowledge and tools to deliver them effectively.

During the candidate’s first delivery of the workshop, the Master Facilitator observes, coaches and provides feedback, acting as a “safety net" that offers additional feedback and guidance for future sessions.

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