Episode 93: How Leaders Generate Energy

The 90th Percentile: An Unconventional Leadership Podcast

Published: October 25, 2022


The variety of shortages causing major disruptions has rippling effects that seem to grow more consequential daily.  But the one shortage that is the most concerning to us is HUMAN ENERGY. Every employee is under constant pressure to perform as we are being asked to do more with less–to be more productive and effective and to reach greater levels of profitability. Languishing. The great resignation. The great re-evaluation. Quiet quitting. How many more movements do we need to recognize workforces are struggling to get back to “normal”?   In today’s episode, we are tackling one of the biggest tasks facing leaders today: renewing energy.

Key Learnings

  • To discover these energizing capabilities, we analyzed data from direct reports of 73,503 leaders. In addition to the 60 measured behaviors, each direct report was asked about the extent to which they agreed with the following statement, My work environment is a place where people want to go the extra mile.”
  • When it comes to igniting energy, the number one way to inspire is to help others discover what opportunities exist for their growth.
  • Leaders set the tone and create the conditions for teamwork and relationships to flourish or fail.
  • .Our research shows that increasing trust magnifies every other leadership competency. We also discovered that without trust, everything slows down. Trust reduces friction in the organization.

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How Leaders Generate Energy– Article by Joe Folkman