Episode 131: Executive Presence Has New Rules

The 90th Percentile: An Unconventional Leadership Podcast

Published: February 15, 2024


Executive Presence. This term, often heard in boardrooms and leadership seminars, is not just about gravitas, articulate communication, and maintaining the ‘right’ appearance. It’s about having the capacity to foster confidence and inspire those around you. Your executive presence determines whether you’ll gain access to opportunities.

Joining us today is Sylvia Ann Hewlett, an esteemed economist, the CEO of Hewlett Consulting Partners, and an acclaimed author.

In today’s episode, we will delve into the attributes that are becoming essential in defining executive presence in the current era. Our discussion aims to dissect the evolving dynamics of leadership and the qualities that contribute to effective and inclusive executive presence.

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Article: The New Rules of Executive Presence

Book: Executive Presence 2.0

Guest Bio
Sylvia Ann Hewlett is an author, an economist and an entrepreneur.  She is CEO of Hewlett Consulting Partners and founder of the Center for Talent Innovation, a think tank where she built a Task Force of 90 global companies focused on Leadership in an Age of Inclusion. Dr. Hewlett’s high-profile books quantify the “value of difference,” and provide vivid word portraits of highly qualified women, people of color and LGBTQ employees attempting to gain traction in their careers. Organizations as different as Cisco (’19), Goldman Sachs (’20), DraftKings (’21), Cartier (’21) and the State Department (’21) find her presentations, which blend hard data with in-depth storytelling and concrete solutions, immensely helpful in their urgent efforts to create more inclusive leadership cultures.

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