Episode 101: How to Push Your Team to Take Risks

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Published: February 8, 2023


Most managers want their employees to be curious and experimental, to take the initiative and develop new products and solutions. But, as it turns out, managers also like to micromanage and control outcomes through safe, predictable processes. As a result, managers end up stifling the very experimentation they want to foster. In this episode, Sara Critchfield shares four things managers can do to encourage team members to take more risks and stop playing it safe.

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Harvard Business Review Article- How to Push Your Team to Take More Risks and Experiment, by Sara Critchfield.

Guest Bio
Sara Critchfield is Vice President of Global Outreach for the Fetzer Institute. Sara has a successful track record of forwarding social movements by developing highly shareable, social good content, attracting millions of unique visitors, and effectively positioning organizations and businesses as credible leaders in the market. As founding editorial director of Upworthy.com — named the fastest-growing media site of all-time in 2013 by Fast Company — she grew Upworthy’s traffic from 0 to 50 million visitors and gained 8 million subscribers in just 2 years. Spanning a broad range of sectors, Sara has advocated for social change in Washington DC and Europe, fought for economic fairness for millions of US-based consumers and food security in developing countries, and has played lead roles in starting three successful startup ventures. She holds a Master of Science in Nonprofit Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania and resides in Los Angeles.

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