The Trifecta of Trust

The Proven Formula for Gaining and Maintaining Trust as a Leader

In The Trifecta of Trust, psychometrics and leadership expert Joseph R. Folkman has collected a mountain of compelling data to make the irrefutable case for the value of trust in leadership. His research shows that there are three core behaviors that create and reinforce trust from others. By mastering this leadership trust trifecta, you can increase your success and happiness, both in business and life.

Folkman’s life mission has been to provide accurate assessments for leaders to help them understand their effectiveness, impact on outcomes, and specific insights on what they can do to improve. To discover the differences between leaders with high levels of trust and those who are not trusted at all, Folkman collected data from millions of raters and hundreds of thousands of leaders from across the globe. The results revealed:

  • The measurable disparities of trust between poor and good leaders
  • Three behaviors that are most important to gain trust
  • How leaders can vastly improve the trust others have in them

Now you can discover the tools for increasing trust based on quantifiable results and have a greater impact and effectiveness as a leader.