The Extraordinary Leader™

Leadership Development that Drives Results

iStock_000006306523_ExtraSmallHighly effective leaders make a profound difference in their organizations.

 The Extraordinary Leader Workshop takes a strength based approach to leadership development, helping organizations develop leaders who produce and accelerate positive business outcomes.

Our research proves that the effectiveness of an organization’s leaders has a direct impact on employee productivity and commitment, customer satisfaction, and innovation. These all drive profitability.

The Extraordinary Leader Workshop helps managers become better leaders by:

  • Applying Zenger Folkman’s unique cross-training approach to leadership development
  • Understanding how extraordinary leaders can double profits
  • Utilizing 360-degree feedback to identify key strengths
  • Creating an action-oriented development plan that facilitates goal setting & follow through
  • Learning to apply leadership development in daily, on-the-job activities

Featuring a fresh, data-driven approach to leadership development, The Extraordinary Leader Workshop is proven and practical. It features instruments, tools and development approaches that increase leadership effectiveness and deliver positive organizational results. The outcome? An extraordinary leader delivering extraordinary results.

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