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Executive Coaching

There is compelling evidence that the right external coach using the right coaching process and tools can have a tremendous impact on individual executive performance.

There is also great evidence that significant performance improvements and positive behavioral changes made by key executives and managers can be leveraged throughout an entire organization. The key to success is the right executive coach and the right coaching process and tools.

Our executive coaching approach can be tailored to meet unique individual and organizational requirements

Our experienced group of coaches, led by Zenger Folkman founders, Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman, have coached executives from a wide range of organizations—large and small, private and public—located around the world and across many industries. They use a well-defined and proven approach and employ unique Zenger Folkman coaching support tools. Our executive coaching approach, which can be tailored to meet unique individual and organizational requirements, typically includes the following elements:

  • Assessment
  • Pre-reading
  • Feedback and Planning Meeting
  • Two-week Review
  • Accountability Sessions
  • Six-month Review
  • Post-engagement Feedback

With a thorough grounding in these tools, an executive can transform from a good manager to an extraordinary leader.