Inviting and Reminding Raters

How do I move a rater from one category to another?

• If invites have not been sent, edit the record by clicking on the pencil icon. Then select the correct rater category.


• If invites have been sent, contact for assistance in changing rater categories.

How do I send reminders to my raters?

You can send reminder emails to your raters from the portal by clicking on the Remind Raters link. Please note: Reminder emails will only be sent to raters who have not completed their survey.


How can I re-send an email to one of my raters who didn’t receive it?

Log in to your Participant Portal, select Invite and Remind Raters from the menu on the left. From here you can view your rater list where you can confirm the email address you entered is correct.

If the email address is correct, ask the rater to check their junk/spam folder for an email from Zenger Folkman Surveys, If the rater cannot find the email, contact for assistance in re-sending the email to the rater.

If the email address is incorrect, please re-enter the rater’s information and send a new invitation to them at the correct email address. Then please delete the entry with the incorrect email address.

How do I know who I should select in each of the rater categories? How many people should I invite?

Please click here for instructions on inviting and preparing your raters for the feedback process.

Invinting and Preparing Raters

I want to send a reminder to my raters who haven’t completed the assessment. How can I determine which of my raters have/haven’t completed it?

In order to help protect the anonymous nature of the survey, we are unable to disclose the names of the raters who have/have not completed the assessment. The system sends weekly automated reminders to anyone that has not yet responded. If you are concerned about a low number of survey submissions received, we recommend you send a personal message to all of your raters to thank those that have responded so far, and encourage others to respond if they have not yet had a chance.

I want to invite a few more raters to participate in my assessment, however the system will not allow me to add more. Why is that?

If the assessment deadline has passed, you will no longer have the ability to add more raters. If you have further questions about this, contact

I forgot to add one rater to my list? Can I add one after I have already sent the invites to my list of raters?

Yes, simply log back in, click on the Invite Raters button in the middle of the screen, add the person to your list and click on the Invite Raters button toward the top right of the page. The system will only send the invite to the new addition.