Frequently Asked Questions for Raters

Are my answers confidential?

Unless you have been informed otherwise, data received from Direct Reports, Peers or Others will be combined with the survey responses of other raters so your answers will not be isolated. Your name will NOT be reported in the results unless you choose to do so within the open-ended text comments. Please note that if you speak to specific situations or use identifying language, your comments may be recognizable. Comments are not required if you do not feel comfortable including them.

Self and Supervisor/Manager data are reported separately from other responses or rater groups, and therefore can be identified.

If I don’t finish my survey in one sitting, can I return to finish it later?

Yes. You may leave and come back to the survey as many times as needed. However, once your survey has been submitted, it is no longer available. Contact if you need it re-opened for any reason.

Is this survey required? I do not have enough interaction with this person to complete it.

If you do not have sufficient working knowledge/experience with the participant, please do not feel obligated to complete it. Disregard any reminders you may receive in the future.

I completed my survey. Why am I still receiving a reminder?

Please try logging into the survey again. If you are able to access the survey questions, this is an indication that you did not officially submit your responses. Click on the Green “Submit” button in the top right corner of the page to officially submit your responses.


I entered my passkey and I’m getting a “Your passkey was not recognized” message. What should I do?

Please try copying and pasting the passkey into the box. Be sure there are no spaces before or after the passkey. If you have officially submitted your survey already, the system will not allow you to re-enter the survey once it has been submitted. If you are still receiving the error message, contact

I submitted a survey and would like to review/edit it. How can it be re-opened?

Please contact for assistance in re-opening a survey.