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ZF is a company with a global reach that delivers high-impact leadership development and corporate training programs in all key industries, sectors and markets in the world. Our leadership development process includes providing leadership development surveys, coaching and workshops for organizations wishing to boost employee productivity, strengthen employee commitment and improve bottom-line profitability and for individuals wishing to enhance their professional skills. We are a business to business resource that is contracted by companies (our corporate clients) throughout the world, including the US, EU and Switzerland, to provide screening questionnaires. Alternatively, we also have “partners” throughout the world, including the European Union, who license our product for sale to local business entities. We also publish a blog which individuals may access independently to take one of our surveys.

Zenger Folkman is committed to acting in compliance with current data protection laws including the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/ 679 (GDPR)