7 Podcasts to Enrich Your Working Relationships

November 11, 2021

7 Podcasts to Enrich Your Working Relationships

The relationships you have at work affect you more than you may realize. The reality is that these days, they are probably more complicated than they have been before. You want answers, direction, research, and some good advice. So do we. That’s why we compiled a list of the best podcasts episodes on relationship building from a variety of experts.

  1. Stop Networking, Start Connecting | Susan McPherson – HBR IdeaCast
    • Susan McPherson, a communications consultant, says many people feel strange reconnecting in person with colleagues after an extended period working in physical isolation. To help shake off the rust, she offers simple tips in a “Gather, Ask, Do” method. It’s not just about networking, she says, but about finding simple connection points with others that can truly help you succeed. McPherson is the author of the book The Lost Art of Connecting.
  2. Healthier Relationships…at work Pt. 2 | Katie Hood — TED Business
    • We all know relationships are hard to manage. And our work relationships—tangled with power, status, and interdependence—are no exception. Last week, we heard a talk from Katie Hood. Katie is the CEO of One Love, an organization that teaches students around the world about the signs of healthy and unhealthy love. She also has a long background in business. So, in this episode, Katie and Modupe dig deep into what it takes to build healthier relationships at work.
  3. How the Best Build Better Relationships | Jack Zenger – The 90th Percentile Podcast
    • Humans are hardwired to connect. They are social creatures that crave friendship and positive interactions with others. As much as we yearn for these interactions, however, many of us struggle to be good at building relationships. But why? In this episode, we’re discussing the key elements to developing positive relationships both within and outside of work.
  4. What Vulnerability Isn’t | Adam Grant & Brené Brown: Taken for Granted – TED
    • We usually wear our thickest armor at work, and Brené Brown has blazed the trail of teaching us why—and how to shed it. In this conversation, Adam and Brené unpack the power of showing vulnerability at work—and explore how much is too much. Learn when and where to set boundaries, find out how to get more comfortable with being uncomfortable, and hear Brené rethink a key assumption that she took for granted in her own work.
  5. Why Conflict is Necessary and How to Manage It | Amy Gallo: The Anxious Achiever – HBR
    • Host Morra Aarons-Mele speaks to HBR contributing editor and podcast host Amy Gallo about why conflict is so hard and how to make conflict a force for good in your work relationships. Amy is also the author of The HBR Guide to Dealing with Conflict, and she shares her four-step process for doing conflict better.
  6. Improving Relationships with Colleagues | Ellen Taaffe, Eli Finkel, and Jeanne Brett: The Insightful Leader – Kellogg Insight
    • Most of us spend a lot of time interacting with our coworkers. Being surrounded by the right teams can make long hours and challenging projects a lot more bearable. Getting along with your colleagues can make work fun. In this best-of podcast, Kellogg Insight offers advice on how to make the most of your work relationships. We hear from Kellogg School faculty Ellen Taaffe, a clinical assistant professor of leadership, and Eli Finkel, a professor of management and organizations, about the thorny task of giving feedback. We also hear from Jeanne Brett, a professor of management and organizations, about how to resolve workplace disputes.
  7. Why Workplace Relationships Matter | Jen Fisher and Anh Phillips — WorkWell
    • Considering that we spend a third to half of our waking hours in any given week at work, the workplace is a critical place for developing meaningful connections that we all need to thrive. On this special episode, WorkWell producer from Rivet360, Jesse Betend, guest hosts and gets the inside scoop on the recently released book Work Better Together, from the authors Deloitte chief well-being officer Jen Fisher and Deloitte Global CEO Program Research Director Anh Phillips.

We hope these suggestions help inspire and motivate you in your efforts to build positive work relationships. Because we know that building positive relationships is an important facet of being an extraordinary leader, Zenger Folkman offers various microlearning sessions that target important strength-building behaviors that help build relationships. Learn more here (we suggest: Communicating Powerfully, Trifecta of Trust, Teamwork and Collaboration, Learning Agility, Diversity, and Developing Others).

—Jack Zenger
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