Coaching Assessment

We invite you to take our complimentary Coaching Attributes and Perspectives Assessment by following the steps below.*

Step 1: Click the “START ASSESSMENT” button below and enter your name and email on the following page. (If you give a false email you will not receive the link to take the assessment.)

Step 2: Check your email, open the Zenger Folkman message, and click on the assessment link provided within.

Step 3: Take the assessment. Please fill in all questions including demographics.

Step 4: After you complete the assessment, click “Request Feedback Report” and check your email to download your report. (Please refer to the original email for your username and password.)



Attend our free webinar to learn more:

If you are interested in learning more about the assessment and coaching best practices, we encourage you to attend our free webinar this month. Click here to register.
*The Coaching Attributes and Perspectives Assessment is available for a limited time only.



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