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December 21, 2017

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Ep. 109: Summit Speech – “Women in Leadership: Why Harnessing this Underutilized Talent Pool is More Important Than Ever” (Kathleen Stinnett)by Zenger Folkman

In this episode, we present Kathleen Stinnett’s summit address “Women in Leadership: Why Harnessing this Underutilized Talent Pool is More Important Than Ever.” This is a live recording from our 2017 Leadership Summit recently held at Sundance Resort in Utah.

Women are entering advanced college programs and the workforce in numbers equal to men, and yet the number of women in senior leadership roles has not increased for years. Zenger Folkman research shows that women outperform men in their leadership capability on 12 of 16 competencies. So why aren’t women advancing into and staying in key leadership roles?

In this power-packed presentation, Kathleen explores:

  • Leadership competencies at which women excel
  • Industries in which women outperform men on leadership effectiveness
  • Levels of leadership and the gaps between men and women
  • Why gaps in gender intelligence may still exist today
  • What successful organizations are doing to develop and utilize women in leadership positions at all levels

You will leave knowing:

  • The 10 most influential leadership behaviors the best women leaders demonstrate
  • The critical importance of tapping this under-utilized talent pool
  • The strategies organizations use that do and don’t work to foster greater gender intelligence

Kathleen Stinnett, MCC, is a senior consultant and executive coach with Zenger Folkman, bringing more than 20 years of experience working with individuals and organizations to improve effectiveness, enhance fulfillment, and create sustainable change and results.

Working as a master coach and consultant for Zenger Folkman, Kathleen facilitates the full suite of Zenger Folkman programs and certifies trainers and coaches to deliver Zenger Folkman’s 360-degree tools and workshops. Kathleen coaches leaders at all levels of organizations to understand and improve their personal leadership effectiveness. Clients describe her as an energetic, positive force and role model who helps individuals and teams make courageous and intentional changes.

Prior to joining Zenger Folkman, Kathleen worked with Wilson Learning Corporation, leading teams to create, produce and implement performance solutions for Fortune 500 organizations. She later founded FutureLaunch, an organization that provides clients with coaching and human performance solutions.

In 2000, Kathleen completed a professional coaching certification program with the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara and subsequently earned the Master Certified Coach (MCC) credentials through the International Coach Federation. She currently serves on the faculty of the Hudson Institute as an instructor and master coach assessor.

Kathleen earned a master’s degree in training and development from the University of Houston and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Utilizing her expertise in the field and practice of coaching, Kathleen and Jack Zenger co-authored the book The Extraordinary Coach: How the Best Leaders Help Others Grow (McGraw-Hill 2010), for managers who wish to improve their coaching effectiveness.

A passionate musician in her free time, Kathleen composed and produced her first solo piano CD in 2002. She often uses this music to set the tone for workshops and reflective work. Kathleen lives in Santa Barbara, California, with her Yorkshire terrier, Mocha. She enjoys running, painting, and being in nature. She sits on the board of directors for Coaches Collective International.


December 20, 2017

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Ep. 108: Summit Speech – “Coachability: Seven Moments to Increase Performance and Advance Potential” (Kevin Wilde)by Zenger Folkman

In this episode, we present Kevin Wilde’s summit address “Coachability: Seven Moments to Increase Performance and Advance Potential.” This is a live recording from our 2017 Leadership Summit recently held at Sundance Resort in Utah.

As organizations move away from traditional performance management systems, many strive to become ‘coaching cultures’ but fall short of sustained success and impact. While much is invested in developing the coach, little attention is paid to increasing employee ‘coach-ability’. This session will provide an overall strategy to rebalance coaching initiatives by highlighting the seven moments where leaders can equip and inspire talent to increase employee coachable capability.

Specifically, you will learn about:

  • Contemporary ways to increase employee curiosity and motivation to seek feedback
  • Approaches to positively leverage the ‘teachable moments of failure’ and falling short
  • Broadening the coaching ‘voice’ from only the manager to a modern network of resources
  • Using aspirations of accelerating advancement, mastery or legacy to ‘pull’ employees into new avenues of growth and performance.
  • Warnings on how the traditional methodology of manager coaching can be counterproductive and undermine improvement efforts.

Kevin Wilde is an Executive Leadership Fellow at Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota. He has a 34 year corporate career in leadership & talent development at General Electric and General Mills. He was named CLO of the Year by Chief Learning Officer magazine and has received awards for his writing in the leadership and talent field.


December 15, 2017

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Ep. 107: Summit Speech – “Connecting the Dots with HR Processes and Tools” (Joyce Palevitz and Traci Consolini)by Zenger Folkman

In this episode, we present Joyce Palevitz and Traci Consolini’s address “Connecting the Dots with HR Processes and Tools.” This is a live recording from our 2017 Leadership Summit recently held at Sundance Resort in Utah. They share ideas on integrating the leadership development practices of organizations with some of their talent management systems.

Joyce Palevitz is vice president of delivery services at Zenger Folkman. With more than twenty-five years of experience in leadership development and communication, Joyce ensures that Zenger Folkman facilitators offer the best content and delivery skills in the industry. Joyce’s particular areas of specialty include leadership development, executive coaching, executive communication skills, change management, and business-to-business relationship management.

Her impressive list of clients includes JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Deliotte, Ralph Lauren, Procter & Gamble, General Motors, and Bloomberg. Before joining Zenger Folkman, Joyce worked as a partner in a global consultancy specializing in leadership, interpersonal skill development and change management. Her responsibilities included leading client teams to develop and deliver projects to corporate clients, as well as co-managing the North America business unit. Prior to that, she consulted independently, across various industries in the U.S.

Joyce brings to her work a deep understanding of adult learning and performance technology, and consults with clients on how they can best achieve business results by creating superior performers in leadership and management roles. She also has extensive instructional design expertise and focuses on ensuring that workshop solutions provide participants with business-specific, practical experiences that they can use immediately to excel in their professional responsibilities.

Joyce is a native Texan and a graduate of Stephen F. Austin University, and currently makes her home in New York City. She enjoys museums and theatre, and in her spare time, is actively involved in several not-for-profit entities.

Traci Consolini is a Director of Client Relationships for Zenger Folkman, one of the world’s premier providers of leadership research, assessment, development and implementation programs. The company is best known for its unique evidence-driven, strengths-based approach to developing extraordinary leaders.

With over 20 years of experience, Traci’s expertise lies in her ability to collaborate with her clients to identify their leadership challenges and opportunities for development and success. She has worked with many senior leaders and their teams to provide unique and creative solutions to improve leadership skills at all levels, elevate organizational outcomes, and achieve measurable business results.

Traci also is an extraordinary coach working closely with leaders to analyze feedback and create strengths-based, formal development plans.
Her experience with clients is diverse and covers many industries. Traci has worked with many organizations including: ExxonMobil, Marriott International, Boral Industries, MasterCard, ConocoPhillips, Comcast, NASA, Blue Cross Blue Shield and AT&T.

Traci has spent the last fifteen years of her career in the learning and development arena and has experience with eLearning, sales skill development and overall organizational effectiveness.

Traci joined Zenger Folkman in 2008. Before joining Zenger Folkman, she was a Senior Client Executive for Huthwaite. During her tenure with Huthwaite, she worked with clients to improve their sales skills and business development capability.

Living in Atlanta, Georgia, Traci enjoys running, college football and leading Team Elf which provides Christmas to over 2700 families each year. She holds a B.S. in International Business from Auburn University.


December 12, 2017

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Ep. 106: Summit Speech – “The Future of Extraordinary Leadership” (Joe Folkman)by Zenger Folkman

In this episode, we present Joe Folkman’s address “The Future of Extraordinary Leadership.” This is a live recording from our 2017 Leadership Summit recently held at Sundance Resort in Utah.

As the business climate continues to evolve, what does Extraordinary Leadership look like? What does research tell us will be the important competencies of the future? What are the most accurate tools for predicting the success of leaders within organizations? How do we create an irresistible culture where those identified as having incredible potential can grow and thrive? How do we address the emerging need for new skills? What is the best way to provide the feedback that others need to grow and develop?

Joe will take us on a journey as he shares:

  • Exciting research identifying important new competencies. You’ll learn what they are and why they matter
  • The best ways to measure and predict who will be the most valuable leaders
  • Emerging needs and groundbreaking research that offers a fresh focus for leadership development strategies
  • Gain personal insights on your preferred approach to giving and receiving feedback

After listening to this presentation, you'll leave with:

  • An understanding of the competencies their individual organizations’ leaders need to excel and reach goals and objectives
  • Insights into developing today’s leaders for tomorrow’s challenges
  • Actions to take to create a feedback driven culture


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December 6, 2017

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Ep. 105: Keynote Speech – “Change the Company Culture by Upgrading Leadership Development” (Jack Zenger)by Zenger Folkman

In this episode, we present Jack Zenger’s keynote address “Change the Company Culture by Upgrading Leadership Development.” This is a live recording from our 2017 Leadership Summit recently held at Sundance Resort in Utah.

Historically the objectives for ideal leadership development included acquiring self-awareness and new skills, accelerating the implementation of these skills, and then following up with long-term sustainment of those behavior changes.

During this session, Jack takes a broader look at leadership development and how it impacts the culture of the organization. As the pace of change accelerates, most organizations realize the need for their culture to keep pace with changing technology, evolving markets and the broader cultural changes. The most practical, effective way to change culture is to change leaders through ongoing development.

Join Jack as he:

  • Identifies specific content and methodologies that the best organizations use to
    develop highly effective leaders.
  • Examines how these combine to create long-lasting cultural change.


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October 11, 2017

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Ep. 104: Asking for Feedback Giving you Nightmares? Tricks and Treats to Make Feedback Less Spooky!by Zenger Folkman

Knowing how you are perceived is critically important if you want to increase your influence as a leader—and getting useful feedback can be the fastest route to growth and improved performance.

Join Dr. Jack Zenger and Joyce Palevitz on this episode! They will arm you with a framework for powerful questions and preparation tips to guide your feedback conversations. It also may come in handy for those end of the year performance discussions you've been dreading....

While we can’t promise it will be painless, implementing these insights can make asking for feedback a lot less scary.


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September 23, 2017

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Ep. 103: Overcoming Today’s Workforce Challenges (feat. Erica Volini, Deloitte)by Zenger Folkman

Erica Volini of Deloitte, joins Dr. Jack Zenger and Dr. Joe Folkman in this edition of the Zenger Folkman podcast series to discuss the challenges she has observed in today’s workforce and some concrete ideas for overcoming them.

Erica is the US Human Capital leader for Deloitte Consulting. In this role, she is responsible for the 4,000+ practitioners focused on helping organizations solve their most complex and pressing Human Capital issues. Throughout her 20-year career, Erica has worked with some of the world’s leading organizations across multiple sectors and geographies and is a frequent speaker on how market trends are impacting the HR organization and profession as a whole.


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September 5, 2017

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Ep. 102: How to Do Truly Great Work in Your Organization (feat. David Sturt, O.C. Tanner)by Zenger Folkman

David Sturt, author of Great Work and Executive Vice President at O.C. Tanner, joins Dr. Jack Zenger and Dr. Joe Folkman in this edition of the Zenger Folkman podcast series to discuss his research into how people can make a difference—what they think about, what they do, and how their leaders help them achieve extraordinary results.

Sturt regularly consults with industry leaders and speaks at conferences in the U.S., Canada, and the UK. He has studied and analyzed the effects of people being recognized for great work and has distilled that information in his new book, Great Work: How To Make A Difference People Love from McGraw-Hill.

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August 23, 2017

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Ep. 101: YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL! — What Leaders Can Do To Deliver Superior Results and Build Positive Relationshipsby Zenger Folkman

What is the secret? What do leaders who are highly-skilled at delivering results and building positive relationships do that is different?

To find the answer, we analyzed our expansive database and discovered six "behavioral bridges" that differentiated these leaders. (A behavioral bridge is a capability that enables leaders to achieve both results and positive relationships.)

The frustration for many leaders is that an emphasis on one of these capabilites may negatively impact the other. For example: when leaders push too hard to deliver superior results, it can negatively impact their relationships with team members. Other leaders attempt to build a positive team environment, only to find that projects lag behind schedule and results suffer. These "behavior bridges" are the secret to skills that accomplish both outcomes.

Join Dr. Joe Folkman as he shares his exciting research findings and reveals these powerful behavioral bridges!


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August 17, 2017

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Ep. 100: The Role of an Elder in Modern Business (feat. Chip Conley, Airbnb)by Zenger Folkman

Chip Conley, author of Emotional Equations and former Head of Global Hospitality & Strategy at Airbnb, joins Dr. Jack Zenger and Dr. Joe Folkman in this edition of the Zenger Folkman podcast series to discuss the role of an elder in offering advice and direction to those of a younger generation. He draws on his person experiences as an adviser to the CEO of Airbnb and the lessons he learned along the way.

A bestselling author, hospitality entrepreneur, disruptive business rebel, and social change agent, Chip Conley is a leader at the forefront of the sharing economy. At age 26, he founded Joie de Vivre Hospitality, which he ran for 24 years and built it into the 2nd largest boutique hotel brand in the world. In 2013 he accepted an invitation from the founders of Airbnb to help transform a promising home sharing start-up into what is today the world’s largest hospitality brand.

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