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After analyzing thousands of 360-degree survey assessments on some 50,000 managers, Zenger Folkman's thought leaders have written a number of books on all aspects of leadership development.

Packed with a pragmatic approach to leadership development and a focus on client and industry needs, Zenger Folkman examines hot-button topics and new ideas.

exceptional1 How To Be Exceptional
How to Be Exceptional provides a revolutionary approach to leadership development. Instead of focusing on your weaknesses and how to overcome them, it focuses on your strengths—and how to build them.
The Extraordinary Leader The Extraordinary Leader
This breakthrough book (completely revised and updated in 2009) identifies the 16 competencies necessary for effective leadership. The authors have analyzed the responses of tens of thousands of peers, subordinates and more as they describe, "What makes a great leader?"
The Inspiring Leader The Inspiring Leader
After writing the best-selling book, The Extraordinary Leader, the question was often asked, “Which leadership competency is the most important?” The answer? “Inspires and Motivates Others to High Performance.” Readers will learn how to inspire, motivate and unlock the key to workforce potential.
The Extraordinary Coach The Extraordinary Coach
What can a culture of coaching do for your organization? It can create a workplace filled with curious, creative and driven workers who have the ability to dramatically increase bottom-line profitability. In this book, the authors offer practical, cutting-edge solutions to help your organization build and maintain a culture of coaching.

Additional Books

Filled with fresh, insightful research and practical tools, the Zenger Folkman library continues to grow.

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