Zenger Folkman has created three conversation guides based on our best-in-class coaching program. These tools enable leaders to facilitate authentic and caring conversations with team members that can result in increased engagement and productivity.

The three specific conversation guides will help leaders guide powerful conversations in these areas:

Moving Forward

Focus on the tangible and emotional impact of the current environment, meet the employee with empathy, and help to provide perspective as team members return to full engagement with work.

Valuing Employees

Appreciate and acknowledge the contribution each employee makes while helping them feel aligned with the mission of the team and organization.

Navigating Change

Thoughtfully explore necessary changes from the employee’s perspective and design actions to support employee commitment to the changes.

Formats Available

This toolkit contains three coaching conversation guides and access to an introductory video with Kathleen Stinnett, author and Master Certified Coach, who explains the key principles that leaders will want to follow in these important conversations.

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