Zenger Folkman research has found 14 competencies that differentiate the most effective coaches from all others. Using a targeted 360-degree assessment, coaches diagnose their strengths and potential development opportunities and use insights gained to create a strengths-based development plan to become an extraordinary coach.



This is not a typical 360. Globally validated, high benchmark comparisons, and a strengths focus are just a few of the key differentiators of The Extraordinary Coach 360-Degree Assessment. Your coaches receive valuable, reliable feedback from others to provide the necessary foundation for their development.


Coaches integrate a highly individualized development goal selection process that focuses on where their personal competence and passions intersect with the needs of the organization; this helps them concentrate their development efforts on the behaviors that will have the greatest impact.

With Sustainment

Your coaches will benefit from a proven strengths-based development process and have expert support to create a relevant and meaningful development plan. Individualized sustainment is supported by our Pulse Check Survey which allows participants to assess their progress on their specific development goals.

Personal Development Plan

360° Assessment

Our best-in-class instrument offers empirically derived competencies and statistically validated questions. Feedback reports compare individual results to the 75th and 90th percentile scores of all leader/coaches in our comprehensive database.

FUEL Model

World-Class Guidance

Our global cadre of accomplished facilitators and implementation specialists are at your fingertips. We offer the flexibility, knowledge and experience to support your unique requirements. We can also certify members of your team to confidently present the program inside your organization.

Coaching Attributes and Perspectives Assessment

Organizational Insights

Your questions fuel our research. One of the unique benefits of The Extraordinary Coach 360-Degree Assessment are the insights you can receive into your coaching pool. Need to know the overall effectiveness of your coaches? Or if they are building strong, trusting relationships with those they coach? Such findings can help transform your organization.

Speak with one of our experts to explore the best solutions for your organization.

Building Team Strengths

Formats Available

The Developing Yourself as A Coach program is available in the following standard formats:

– 4-hour, In-person Workshop
– Two 90-minute One-on-One Coaching Sessions

It would be our pleasure to work with you to create the format that would best suit your organization’s unique requirements.