Inspiring in the New Era eBook

Inspiring in the New Era eBook

As many leaders across the globe grapple with retention, quiet quitting, hybrid work environments, and burnout, they’re asking themselves hard questions.

• How do I motivate people to stay?
• How do I encourage them to increase their efforts?
• How do I form meaningful connections in separate work environments?

The answer lies in a leader’s and organization’s ability to harness the power of inspiring leadership. This eBook shares practical methods for developing this critical competency based on years of global research from over 100,000 leaders.

Chapter 1: Inspiring in the New Era
Chapter 2: What Inspiring Leaders Do
Chapter 3: Inspiring Approaches
Chapter 4: Unlocking Emotional Connection

It’s time to learn and get comfortable doing the things inspiring leaders know and do so well. Every organization needs the energy, passion, empathy, and vision that come from inspiring leaders.

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