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The Extraordinary Coach Book

The Extraordinary Coach Book Cover

The Extraordinary Coach

Imagine your workplace filled with curious, creative and committed employees—people who take initiative, who are fearless decision makers and who "own" their work. With the right coaching system in place, that dream can become a reality with The Extraordinary Coach. 

Leadership guru Jack Zenger and coaching expert Kathleen Stinnett deliver an entire toolbox for coaching your organization to success. While other such books simply tell you how to coach, The Extraordinary Coach uses worksheets, checklists, sample questions and the latest research findings to provide a full-immersion course on becoming the kind of coach that brings dramatic change to an organization.

Applying the system in The Extraordinary coach, you'll see immediate results in your organization including:

  • Increased productivity
  • High-energy company culture
  • Dynamic supervisor/employee relationships
  • Creative problem solving
  • Greater risk taking
  • Heightened innovation

...a practical, evidence-based coaching system that can be applied in any type of business.

The authors collected 360-degree feedback assessments from some of the most effective leaders in business today and identified those who were excellent coaches. Then, they combined the research with the latest findings from the world of psychology, adult development and systems theory to map out the real science behind effective coaching. The result is a practical, evidence-based coaching system that can be applied in any type of business.


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