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Press Releases

Zenger Folkman Finds 8 Ways to Increase Accountability in Organizations | 12/17/17

The single greatest way to leverage accountability is to pick a few of these key behaviors to work on yourself. Why? The research is clear on this issue: great accountability in the organization begins with you.

Zenger Folkman Finds Best Way to Change Culture is to Change Leader | 11/29/17

While there are several options to change company culture Zenger Folkman has found that one of the most effective solutions is to develop leaders.

Zenger Folkman Reveals New Methods of Asking for Feedback in Upcoming Webinar | 10/25/17

Zenger Folkman has some great research and advice to help alleviate anxiety about how to approach these crucial conversations.

Zenger Folkman to Host Extraordinary Leadership Summit at Sundance Resort in Utah | 9/5/17

This year’s Leadership Summit will offer presentations by top leadership development executives including; Kevin Wilde, Kathleen Stinnett, Joe Garbus, Jack Zenger, and Joseph Folkman. The conference will take place November 7-8 with post-conference workshops offered Nov. 9-10 at the Sundance Resort in Utah.

Zenger Folkman Study Reveals How to Drive for Results and Build Relationships | 8/28/17

Is it possible to be a high-standards, results driven leader while at the same time building an engaged, fun-to-work with team? Zenger Folkman’s recent study of more than 60,000 leaders measured both a leader’s ability to drive hard for results and his or her people skills.

Zenger Folkman Finds Three Traits That Reveal if You Are a Bold Leader Counterfeit | 7/21/17

Using data on tens of thousands of leaders from around the world, Zenger Folkman has identified three characteristics commonly found among bold leader counterfeits.

Zenger Folkman Finds How Women Leaders Can Leverage Their Strengths | 6/28/17

Research shows that although women make up around 50% of the workforce there are still small numbers that manage to break into top leadership positions.

Zenger Folkman Launches New Workshop Leadership Speed | 4/19/17

enger Folkman’s newest workshop, Leadership Speed uses a unique cross-training technology to develop this critical skill for today’s leaders.

Zenger Folkman Reveals the Vital Importance of Managers Giving Positive Feedback | 3/20/17

Zenger Folkman was able to analyze the leadership effectiveness of managers based on the type of feedback they would give or avoid and the effectiveness of their subordinates

Zenger Folkman Shares Research on Improving Performance Management Systems | 2/21/17

Zenger Folkman research has shown some key elements that can improve the quality of any performance management system

Fast Leaders are More Effective and Promotable According to “Speed”, the New Book from Zenger Folkman | 11/14/16

New book by Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman reveals surprising findings on how the best leaders combine speed with accurate execution

Zenger Folkman Shares New Research About Strengths-Based Leadership | 10/25/16

Zenger Folkman studies show there is still a lot of confusion about the most effective ways to build strengths

Zenger Folkman Reveals Problems With Organizations’ Leadership Pipelines | 09/27/16

Organizations are not prepared for the amount of senior leaders that will soon retire

Zenger Folkman Data Shows Importance of Herd Inoculation | 07/26/16

Zenger Folkman reveals the consequences of disunities in leadership initiatives

Zenger Folkman Releases Skill Accelerators for The Extraordinary Coach™ | 06/14/16

Zenger Folkman is expanding its offerings for the award winning workshop, The Extraordinary Coach.

Zenger Folkman Receives Two Platinum Hermes Awards | 05/25/16

Zenger Folkman receives two platinum Hermes awards for Leadership Levers

Zenger Folkman Data Shows How to Improve Execution | 05/23/16

Zenger Folkman studied leaders rated highest and lowest in Execution

Zenger Folkman Launches New Workshop Leadership Levers: Building Critical Strengths | 03/28/16

Zenger Folkman’s newest workshop, Leadership Levers: Building Critical Strengths will be featured at the Extraordinary Leadership Summit

Zenger Folkman to Host Extraordinary Leadership Summit in Salt Lake City, UT | 03/21/16

Leadership development executives will learn from top experts in the industry at the Extraordinary Leadership Summit

Zenger Folkman Receives 3 Top Awards at LEAD2016 Awards | 02/09/16

Zenger Folkman receives Top Leadership Program, Global Program, and Executive Coaching Program at LEAD2016 awards.

New Zenger Folkman Research Shows Inspiring Others is Worth the Effort | 11/16/15

Zenger Folkman has found that most people tend to push harder and “Drive for Results.” But there is a different way of getting high performance, which has exactly the same goal. Zenger Folkman describes it as the opposite of pushing; it is the “pull,” or the ability to “Inspire and Motivate Others.”

Zenger Folkman Podcast Features Leadership Lessons from John Sculley, Former CEO of Apple and Pepsi | 10/26/15

In celebration of their 50th episode, Zenger Folkman interviewed John Sculley, the man who made a significant impact on the world of technology while serving for 10 years as CEO of Apple, increasing annual revenue from the millions to the billions.

Zenger Folkman Develops New Self-Assessment That Helps Determine Leader’s Passions | 08/24/15

The Leadership Levers self-assessment consists of 13 questions that rank your preference in six different areas that most efficiently measure leadership effectiveness.

New Zenger Folkman Coaching Program Wins Six Industry Awards | 08/18/15

Earlier this year, Zenger Folkman re-launched its leadership program, The Extraordinary Coach, and has since captured an unprecedented number of awards and recognitions.

Zenger Folkman Launches New Live Online Workshop at Annual Summit | 07/22/15

Zenger Folkman’s flagship workshop, The Extraordinary Leader™, is now available live and online

Zenger Folkman Coaching Video Wins Telly Award | 07/08/15

Zenger Folkman has been honored with a Bronze Telly Award for their new training video, “A Coach Initiated Conversation.”

Zenger Folkman’s Free Self-Assessment Helps Determine Leadership Pace | 03/19/15

Zenger Folkman Offering a Complimentary Webinar to Help Increase Leadership Pace

Zenger Folkman Releases Updated Extraordinary Coach Program | 03/06/15

Zenger Folkman’s updated version of The Extraordinary Coach Workshop will help participants gain the critical coaching skills and tools they need to maximize their leadership effectiveness.

Zenger Folkman to Host Extraordinary Leadership Summit and Coaching Symposium — July 20-24, 2015 in Salt Lake City, UT | 02/23/15

Leadership development executives will learn from top experts at the Extraordinary Leadership Summit and Coaching Symposium

Zenger Folkman Honored in Top 20 Leadership Training Companies List | 02/03/15

Zenger Folkman has once again been honored as one of the Top 20 Leadership Training Companies from

Zenger Folkman Research Finds the Link Between Leadership and Profit | 01/16/15

Zenger Folkman research finds that improving leadership effectiveness can significantly increase the bottom line.

Zenger Folkman Research Shows Innovation Not a High Priority For Leaders | 10/20/14

Zenger Folkman's new survey exposed how leaders ranked innovation as a low priority and struggled to be effective.

Zenger Folkman Launches New Feedback Workshop at Coaching Symposium | 09/17/14

Zenger Folkman's newest workshop, Elevating Feedback, is now available.

Zenger Folkman Announces New Version Of The Extraordinary Leader | 07/29/14

Zenger Folkman is unveiling an enhanced version of its award-winning flagship program at this year's July leadership summit in Park City, Utah.

Zenger Folkman Leadership Summit Filling Joining as First Time Media Sponsor | 07/01/14

Speakers include representatives from Celgene, DIRECTV, Renault, Sony PlayStation and State of Minnesota

Zenger Folkman's Annual Leadership Summit Features Top Leadership Executives | 06/10/14

Learn from some of the best experts in the industry at the Summit

Zenger Folkman Receives Highest Honors at Leadership 500 Excellence Awards | 04/17/14

Zenger Folkman receives "Top Leader," "Top Partner and Providers," and "The Global Leadership Excellence" awards.

Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman Awarded ISA 2014 Thought Leader of The Year | 03/25/14

Zenger and Folkman awarded ISA's Thought Leadership award for their years of contribution to the industry.

Zenger Folkman Receives the Prestigious 2014 Top 20 Leadership Training Companies Award | 02/04/14

Zenger Folkman makes its third appearance on the annual Training Industry Top 20 list, one of the most sought after awards in the industry.

New Research Reveals Benefits of Effective Coaching | 01/21/14

Zenger Folkman's new January webinar will uncover the amazing benefits of embracing a strong coaching culture in every organization.

Zenger Folkman Offers a New Free Feedback Assessment on Harvard Business Review | 12/17/13

Zenger Folkman's new Feedback Assessment gives employees and leaders a closer look of how to give and receive feedback and overcome feedback fears.

Zenger Folkman Data Reveals How to Effectively Increase Honesty in Any Organization | 11/18/13

Zenger Folkman studied leaders rate highest Honest/Integrity and found eight common behaviors.

Jack Zenger Receives 2013 Thought Leadership Award from Utah ASTD Chapter | 10/23/13

Local leadership champion Jack Zenger receives thought leadership award for his years of contribution to strengths-based leadership development.

Zenger Folkman Research Uncovers How to NOT Get Fired | 9/24/13

With companies constantly downsizing, Zenger Folkman reveals six steps employees can take to secure their jobs.

Zenger Folkman launches New Leadership Self-assessment on Harvard Business Review | 8/13/13

Zenger Folkman co-founders Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman have released a short strengths-based leadership assessment via their most recent Harvard Business Review blog.

Zenger Folkman to Host Fourth Annual Extraordinary Leadership Summit in Park City, Utah July 29 -- Aug. 1 | 6/26/13

Leadership development executives will learn from some of the best experts in the industry at the Extraordinary Leadership Summit.

Zenger Folkman Reveals the Key to Developing a 'Leadership Pipeline' | 6/20/13

Zenger Folkman offers five practical steps for the development of a successful leadership pipeline in a new no-cost webinar on June 26.

New Zenger Folkman Research: The Six Effective Approaches to Inspiring Leadership | 5/20/13

New research reveals evidence-based approaches to becoming an inspiring leader

New Zenger Folkman Research Challenges Sheryl Sandberg's 'Likability Penalty' | 4/24/13

Sheryl Sandberg claimed that women face an unfair 'likability penalty' when being promoted, Zenger Folkman's researchers found the opposite.

New Zenger Folkman Data Reveals Bad Bosses Can Change Their Spots | 3/19/13

A group of prominent Fortune 500 leaders prove that fatal flaws can be fixed.

For Some Companies Leadership Development is Too Little, Too Late | 2/12/13

New Zenger Folkman study reveals that companies need to start developing their leaders sooner in their career.

Zenger Folkman's "How to Be Exceptional" Joins Soundview Top 30 Best Business Books | 1/22/13

Strengths-based leadership message resonates with readers worldwide

New Zenger Folkman Book How To Be Exceptional Named to Top Business Books of 2012 | 12/14/12

How to Be Exceptional Receives Rave Reviews Worldwide

Zenger Folkman Data Reveals How To Increase Organizational Effectiveness | 11/19/12

Finding synergy between what is needed and valued is key to success

New Zenger Folkman Data: Kissing Up to Boss Not Effective | 10/15/12

Relationship With Manager Isn't Top Action To Determine Manager's Rating

New Zenger Folkman Book Opens to Outstanding Reviews | 9/5/12

Readers of How to Be Exceptional Boosting Their Careers by Focusing on Strengths

Be Exceptional: New Strengths-Based Leadership Book from Zenger Folkman Includes Free E-Book Excerpt Available Now | 7/16/12

Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman prove the measurable economic impact of being exceptional and give actionable leadership advice in a free excerpt of their new book.

Honesty Starts with the Boss, Zenger Folkman Data Reveals | 6/13/12

Study shows managers set ‘ceiling’ for honest behavior

New Zenger Folkman Book How to Be Exceptional To Premiere in August; Preorders Available Now | 5/22/12

Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman unveil 10 years of research on strengths-based leadership results to uncover the “aha” facts that make leaders great.

Zenger Folkman: Women's Potential Extends Far Beyond HR | 4/4/12

Recent studies show that women have a higher leadership effectiveness rating in male-dominated work functions.

Zenger Folkman: Women Score Higher in Majority of Leadership Competencies | 3/15/12

Which gender supplies better leaders for organizations?

Zenger Folkman Data:  Turn Employee Prison Into Paradise | 2/29/2012

There are times in people's careers when they feel like they’re serving a sentence in “day prison.”

Generation Y Defies Workplace Stereotypes, New Zenger Folkman Study Reveals | 1/17/2012

Gen Y employees aren’t the self-centered “know-it-alls” that many believe them to be. The study of four workplace competencies in relation to each generation revealed other surprising truths as well.

Extraordinary Leaders Double Profits | 4/27/2011

Studies show leaders with profound strengths have a huge impact on bottom line.

Zenger Folkman to Hold 2nd Annual Extraordinary Leader Summit 2011 | 4/19/2011

For learning and development executives, the Zenger Folkman Leadership Summit is a unique opportunity to experience three proven, award-winning leadership development programs.

Zenger Folkman on Business Leaders: People Skills More Important Than Technical Skills | 3/1/2011

New Zenger Folkman study reveals leaders are choosing to develop interpersonal skills when trying to motivate employees

The Great Exodus: Upturn of Economy Signals Employees to Leave | 1/13/2011

Leadership development experts at Zenger Folkman give advice for managers to increase employee retention as the economy improves.

The Inspiring Leader Workshop Public Session from Zenger Folkman | 9/18/2010

Public workshop is an opportunity for L&D executives to experience Zenger Folkman's latest leadership development program.

Zenger Folkman Presents Free Webinar; Top 6 Behaviors of Extraordinary Sales Leaders | 9/12/2010

Scott Edinger will identify six essential behaviors sales leaders need to drive positive business results.

Zenger Folkman to Hold The Extraordinary Leader Workshop in McLean, VA | 8/18/2010

Public workshop is an opportunity for L&D executives to experience Zenger Folkman's leadership development program

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