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Ep. 97: The 6 Ways To Inspire and Motivate Top Performanceby Zenger Folkman June 21, 2017

Despite all research about the nature of leaders, practitioners and scholars still acknowl­edge that many aspects of leadership remain a mystery. In this podcast, Dr. Joe Folkman addresses one of the key mysteries that seems to consistently defy traditional analysis: how to inspire and motivate others.

Often, leaders are identified as possessing a remark­able quality that sets them apart from others. It causes others to be attracted to them and enables them to achieve remarkable outcomes. That quality has most frequently been labeled “charisma,” a term that comes from the Greek word meaning “gift.” In ancient times people believed this quality was a divine gift bestowed upon some and not others. We intend to prove the following:

  1. There are different approaches to inspiring leadership that go beyond having “charisma”
  2. The ability to Inspire and Motivate Others is a behavioral skill that anyone can develop.

As we dove deeper into analysis of what makes leaders inspir­ing and motivating, we fell into the seemingly logical trap of thinking that charisma, as the term is most often used, is simply a synonym for “being inspiring”. That is no longer our view. We have concluded that being charismatic helps in a small way, for some people in some circumstances, to be perceived as inspiring and motivating. But there are countless leaders who are identified by their colleagues as highly inspiring who are definitely not charismatic.

Read Joe Folkman's Forbes article, "Everything Counts: The 6 Ways To Inspire And Motivate Top Performance."


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