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Ep. 81: The 11 Components of a “Best-of-Class” 360° Assessmentby Zenger Folkman December 20, 2016

360-degree assessments have become a common practice today. In fact, 85% of Fortune 500 organizations use multi-rater feedback (360s) as the backbone of their leadership development programs. Why are these assessments so important? Because leaders receive information that they would otherwise never receive.

There are hosts of 360s on the market today and not all are equal. There may be similarities but there are also some major differences. So, when choosing a tool, what should you look for? What are the most important components in a 360?

During this webinar tomorrow, Dr. Jack Zenger and Dr. Joe Folkman discuss the 11 components of a “Best of Class” 360 Assessment. Participants will:

  • Learn what the 11 components are.
  • Receive a brief explanation of each of these 11 features & benefits.
  • Learn how the competencies and items were empirically derived.
  • See a response scale that avoids a false positive.
  • Review and compare scores to a high standard (75th and 90th percentile norms).
  • See how a leader’s current impact on direct reports is measured.
  • Identify the competencies that are most important.
  • Learn and understand our unique strengths-based emphasis.

The 11 Components of a “Best-of-Class” 360° Assessment from Zenger Folkman


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