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Ep. 109: Summit Speech – “Women in Leadership: Why Harnessing this Underutilized Talent Pool is More Important Than Ever” (Kathleen Stinnett)by Zenger Folkman December 21, 2017

In this episode, we present Kathleen Stinnett’s summit address “Women in Leadership: Why Harnessing this Underutilized Talent Pool is More Important Than Ever.” This is a live recording from our 2017 Leadership Summit recently held at Sundance Resort in Utah.

Women are entering advanced college programs and the workforce in numbers equal to men, and yet the number of women in senior leadership roles has not increased for years. Zenger Folkman research shows that women outperform men in their leadership capability on 12 of 16 competencies. So why aren’t women advancing into and staying in key leadership roles?

In this power-packed presentation, Kathleen explores:

  • Leadership competencies at which women excel
  • Industries in which women outperform men on leadership effectiveness
  • Levels of leadership and the gaps between men and women
  • Why gaps in gender intelligence may still exist today
  • What successful organizations are doing to develop and utilize women in leadership positions at all levels

You will leave knowing:

  • The 10 most influential leadership behaviors the best women leaders demonstrate
  • The critical importance of tapping this under-utilized talent pool
  • The strategies organizations use that do and don’t work to foster greater gender intelligence

Kathleen Stinnett, MCC, is a senior consultant and executive coach with Zenger Folkman, bringing more than 20 years of experience working with individuals and organizations to improve effectiveness, enhance fulfillment, and create sustainable change and results.

Working as a master coach and consultant for Zenger Folkman, Kathleen facilitates the full suite of Zenger Folkman programs and certifies trainers and coaches to deliver Zenger Folkman’s 360-degree tools and workshops. Kathleen coaches leaders at all levels of organizations to understand and improve their personal leadership effectiveness. Clients describe her as an energetic, positive force and role model who helps individuals and teams make courageous and intentional changes.

Prior to joining Zenger Folkman, Kathleen worked with Wilson Learning Corporation, leading teams to create, produce and implement performance solutions for Fortune 500 organizations. She later founded FutureLaunch, an organization that provides clients with coaching and human performance solutions.

In 2000, Kathleen completed a professional coaching certification program with the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara and subsequently earned the Master Certified Coach (MCC) credentials through the International Coach Federation. She currently serves on the faculty of the Hudson Institute as an instructor and master coach assessor.

Kathleen earned a master’s degree in training and development from the University of Houston and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Utilizing her expertise in the field and practice of coaching, Kathleen and Jack Zenger co-authored the book The Extraordinary Coach: How the Best Leaders Help Others Grow (McGraw-Hill 2010), for managers who wish to improve their coaching effectiveness.

A passionate musician in her free time, Kathleen composed and produced her first solo piano CD in 2002. She often uses this music to set the tone for workshops and reflective work. Kathleen lives in Santa Barbara, California, with her Yorkshire terrier, Mocha. She enjoys running, painting, and being in nature. She sits on the board of directors for Coaches Collective International.



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