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Award-winning content available anytime, anywhere.

elliveonlineThe Extraordinary Leader™ Workshop is now available online! Our Live Online Workshop is delivered in two 3-hour sessions by a live facilitator and provides the same award-winning content and learning objectives as the in-person workshop.

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“We recognize that the world is changing and companies are in need of more versatile learning options...this live online workshop may be delivered anytime and anywhere, is accessible to employees in remote locations, is delivered by professional facilitators, and saves companies money and time with decreased travel costs and shorter training periods.”

— Jack Zenger

Advantages of our online virtual classroom:

  • Significant cost savings. Online training eliminates travel costs and time away from the office.
  • Increased global reach. International groups participate, interact, and learn from each other.
  • Live interaction with certified facilitators trained in online delivery. Participants work directly with a certified Zenger Folkman facilitator.
  • Segmented training. The live online workshop is delivered in two 3-hour sessions, allowing participants to remain more connected to their normal work activities and responsibilities.
  • Available anytime and anywhere. Training sessions can be scheduled to meet organizational and regional needs.
  • Award-winning content. Organizations will receive Zenger Folkman’s award-winning training content and materials.


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