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Leadership Speed™

The ability to execute fast and execute right dramatically improves leadership effectiveness.

Business is moving faster, and leaders at all levels need to know how to pick up the pace. As the demand for quantity goes up, the demand for quality doesn’t go down. Leaders need a new approach to improving both of these capabilities—simply moving faster doesn’t make leaders more effective.

The Leadership Speed Workshop incorporates the needs and goals of your organization to identify ways to improve both speed and the ability to get things done right.

“Human beings have never opted for slower.”

— Stephen Kern,


  • Learn how speed and quality impact leadership effectiveness.
  • Learn statistically-linked companion behaviors that enable cross-training and improve leadership speed.
  • Use the cross-training approach to create a personal development plan.
  • Discover tools and concepts that help leaders increase both their speed and the speed of their teams while maintaining high quality.


This instructor-led learning and planning experience may be delivered in-person or live-online. Typical completion time is approximately two hours.


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