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Leadership Effectiveness

Leadership Effectiveness is Important

We’ve all heard the story:  A department or division in an organization is floundering, so a new leader is brought in to turn things around.

Suddenly, there is increased energy, commitment and even new-found success. Employees are more satisfied with their jobs. They get more work done and the company makes more money. Why? Because leadership matters.

Positive, Measurable Business Outcomes

"...a 10% increase in employee productivity would double the profits of most organizations"

The great management guru Peter Drucker said that even a 10% increase in employee productivity would double the profits of most organizations. So how do you achieve an increase in employee productivity? Through developing extraordinary leaders. At Zenger Folkman, we’ve studied thousands of leaders to discover what separates the good leaders from the great ones, which will help organizations achieve better results from their employees, and in turn, higher levels of profitability.

Great Leaders Equal Great Results

Too often, organizations settle for mediocre results from leaders who do the bare minimum. Conversely, organizations that have great leaders get what they want most—great results. Zenger Folkman has built strengths-based leadership development programs to help managers go from good to great while learning how to deliver truly extraordinary results.

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