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Denise Dalton
Vice President Controller

deniseAs the vice president Controller for Zenger Folkman, Denise is responsible for accounting and finance. She also oversees the operational functions of facilities, HR and general administration.

Initially working as a software developer, Denise created educational software for the WICAT Institute, defense software for the Eyring Institute, and magnetic field modeling software for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In addition to her professional endeavors, Denise devotes time and resources to volunteer and non-profit organizations. She has been a church youth group leader, contributor to PTA initiatives and tutor to secondary school students.

Denise earned an MBA and a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Brigham Young University, focusing on finance and operations during her studies. As part of her coursework, she did an extensive analysis of the movement of the bond market over a three month period, studying the influences of political events (such as the threat of war) and economic events (such as interest rate increases).

As mother to seven children, Denise manages the busy schedules of her family and still finds time to enjoy star-gazing, math tutoring and reading a good novel.

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